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which is it?…

28 Sep

is it “opposites attract” OR is it “birds of a feather flock together” #leapday forever

They walk in.
Grace and Beauty
she possesses.
Calm and Strength
he possesses.
Intelligence and Warmth
they possess.
Mysterious Eyes
Irreverent Smiles
they possess.
They walk in love
forever like the Night.

The Essentials Revisited

10 Sep

The Dance of Love is Essentially a Classic One of Courage + Beauty + Truth + Knowledge + Goodness + Hope…ahh what a masterpiece!


International Love Search

14 Aug

To have been everywhere looking, only to have found it when staring in the mirror, with all the past loves staring right back!  Sometimes the Lady in Love feels like the Mistress, sometimes like the Wife, sometimes like the Girlfriend, even too sometimes like the  Stranger.  Every time and everywhere, if it is love then it is True and always real.

…on the matter of SELF

14 May

It IS from being SELFish in the interest of SELFlove that one becomes truly SELFless;

So too:  Sometimes it IS from being SELFless in the interest of Love of others, that one truly comes to love one’s SELF;

In either case:  The KEY is to be true to SELF every time!  

It takes courage my friends.