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Relentless Happiness

23 Aug



catch the rainbow between a rock and a hard place

The Sum Total of Acceptance and Gratitude…in every moment



Les Parisiens…toujours ahead :-)

13 Aug

The French:  

1. Betwixt the lithium from the cheese and the antioxidants from le vin, they’re chillaxing all the time.  

french fashion

pretty boys with manly swag

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2. They’re true hustlers in the love game (true romantics, that is)

How refreshing of Vanessa Paradis (regarding her split from Johnny Depp), to put it so eloquently. She said that at the end of the day she has no recipe for happiness but! the desire to be happy must be there, that one should not feel obliged/be forced/or one should not repeat themselves..one must simply want!   She added regarding the split,  ” And for me, I want to be right where i am right now.”



…on the matter of SELF

14 May

It IS from being SELFish in the interest of SELFlove that one becomes truly SELFless;

So too:  Sometimes it IS from being SELFless in the interest of Love of others, that one truly comes to love one’s SELF;

In either case:  The KEY is to be true to SELF every time!  

It takes courage my friends.