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Philosophically speaking…

22 Apr

…when the laws of man find resonance with the laws of nature and the universe, only then will struggles end…utopic yes! but so is heaven, no?

Herein lies two bones in the skeleton of A WORK OF FICTION

AT THE START: She awoke the next morning, (having crashed the night before) everything was not right as she stumbled into the kitchen. There were too many appliances plugged into the wall, too many clothes strewn on the floor; was that a ferret and a guinea pig fretting over a pale centipede on her kitchen floor? The toilet flushed.  A scraggly woman appeared from the bathroom.

TOWARDS THE END: They stood unflinchingly, feet pressed into the freshly-dewed grass on the hill behind the house.  They were staring into the east.  The sun was dwarfed by a massive semicircle of animated pseudo-creatures.  They watched in horror and awe as the mega things gobbled up the sun…too quickly.