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Prayer for a Child of the Universe

31 Jul


May I honor father Sky by being wealthy in Spirit , May I honor mother Earth by being healthy in Body, May I honor inner Child by being well in Mind…and so it is. Amen!

An Unedited Story
It was a warm summer Saturday night. THE city was filled with folks on the prowl like crouching leopards. In the hood, girls walked the streets wearing barely there spandex in the brightest color combinations and cutouts that left only one thing to the imagination…I wonder if she is STD free.

All shapes and sizes displayed their wares like they did not know the real purpose for being clothed. Black white, aged, youthful… the females seemed to all have read the same memo…something about showing as much skin in the most provocative way without being arrested…is probably what they had interpreted from it. There was no beauty in it, only desperation and confusion. What did they seek? The men glared and stared, grabbed and smiled, displays of cash, fancy cars, weed and alcohol seemed to be the only requirements for the male of the species.

There was an air of animales about the energy on the streets. Small groups gathered on street corners, in front of bars, in front of liquor stores, on front porches, on back porches…eyes were empty of spirit. Sodom and Gomorrah, deceit, wickedness, vileness, greed were immediately conjured to the forefront. Occasionally a kind spirit emerged giving a cigarette to the homeless man perched on his usual side-street ledge, or the toothless crack-head who received fifty cents because that is all she asked for. Hell on earth, this must be…strangely it was like watching a movie…every actor played the part expertly…automation. The sprinklings of fully clothed women and wholesome looking couples walking their beloved dogs, seemed like saints and angels amid throngs of the lost.
A prayer of humility was sent out, for surely there was too much pride, avarice and arrogance in the air. A sort of carelessness about the preciousness of life and love of self and others evoked from the pores, movements and words of most. Dear God, may they awaken to a new life, a spiritual, soulful purposeful life in which there was no need felt to exhibit garishness. A life of inner peace, beauty, goodness, strength and courage to be good and true to real self…a life of love. Surely that is the simpler way to go. How could it not be? The idea OF HEAVEN ON EARTH, UTOPIA ON THE STREETS…SURELY THAT IS THE BETTER CHOICE for the denizens of this city.