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18 Jun

…a funny thing…to be enjoyed every step along the way, even if it means changing direction…what of it?

One of Many Unedited Stories

I got it!  She yelled out, then instinctively lowered her voice as she leaned into him and spewed her brilliant idea:

He would place his comforters and small rugs in the trunk of his car along with his liquid fabric softener and powdered, boxed detergent.  His middle man would meet him at the laundromat…’a la’ two bachelors doing their laundry on a Sunday morning…kinda thing.  They would have the same powder, (brand and size), do their laundry as normal, have a cigarette outside, chit-chat, check their phones, slouch for a few minutes in their cars for a musical interlude.  All would be as normal except when their folding, sorting and packing was done, those two laundromat regulars would have inadvertently (or so it seemed) swapped laundry detergents.  Upon their return home, each would be satisfied with the exchange.  A perfect barter, supply demanded and demand met!

Once again he was amazed at her attention to detail, as he heard exactly what he needed to.  Indeed this was the way to unload the brick which had been weighing down his chest lately, and certainly this! was the way to cop the three stacks that he owed.